Improving lives

Improving Lives


Preserving watersheds is key to continued access to water in Jamaican cities. This project enlisted farmers to help them thrive while contributing to stave off the threats to natural resources.  

Articulo Cancer

In Colombia, an innovative methodology led two disparate public institutions to share knowledge and improve lives. 


Latin America and the Caribbean have registered a surge in gender-based violence in the context of COVID-19. How can public agencies provide support to victims in this unprecedented context?


Essential energy, water and sanitation and transportation services are everyday necessities of consumers: their quality of life depends on their accessibility and affordability. These stories tell us how it can be done.


The historical center of Paramaribo is getting a makeover after falling on hard times. The renovation is spurring local business and a local festival to help recover the luster of this unique architectural treasure. 

Internet for all

A year ago, the ambitious Internet para Todos project arrived in the small Andean town of Moya. No one could imagine that this initiative would allow local residents to weather a pandemic that has changed their daily lives and livelihoods.

Dia del cuidador

An aging population presents the challenge of providing quality care to a growing number of elderly. But it also brings an economic opportunity that can benefit those who need it most.

Tourism's Engine

The pandemic dashed the wanderlust of millions of travelers, causing one of the worst crises in the annals of the tourism sector, a key economic driver for countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. What can be done to restart it?


The digitization of invoices in Brazil has contributed to greater transparency, efficiency and tax collection, benefiting the government, companies and citizens.