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Improving Lives


Haitian citizens have cast their SMS votes for five champions: young people who are not only improving their communities, but promoting a new model of leadership in the country.


Massively captured information and artificial intelligence will transform how governments offer services to citizens, but do you know the risks they entail?


In the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the Zapotecs -one of the main pre-Hispanic civilizations of Mexico- have recognized, included and respected gender diversity for centuries. Today, it is home to Mexico’s proud third sex.

gaston acurio

Gastón Acurio became Peru's ambassador of the creative industries and managed to position Peruvian gastronomy around the world. What's the story behind his (and his country's) success?

argentina bioteconologia

After 14 years of research, a group of scientists in Argentina developed biotechnology that could end rotavirus-related deaths. Check it out here.

jamaica beer

A Jamaican brewery, in association with IDB Lab, taps local crop to create homegrown economic opportunities.


How can Latin America double its per capita income, twice as fast? Policymakers know they need to invest more in infrastructure, but the kind of infrastructure they should prioritize is often less clear.


Roly Zavala’s journey started in a rural village and took him 30,000 feet into the clouds. Literally. He is Bolivia’s first flight-crew member of African descent, and this is his story.

weomen economia

In honor of World Creativity and Innovation Day, these are the stories of three successful women and some of the most innovative projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.