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Improving Lives


The Caribbean has an economic engine that’s waiting to be ignited: the creative industries. With paint and passion, Sheena Rose, one of Barbados' most innovative artists, is among those working to supply the needed spark.


Perhaps the most lopsided match of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup is taking place off the soccer pitch: all 24 participating teams continue the fight for equality in an industry where men earn up to 300 times more.


Homeownership in the Caribbean country has just been unlocked for more people due to a first-of-its-kind mortgage mechanism.

indian rupee

Trade between Latin America and India is growing. Its untapped potential? Enormous.

guyana housing

Lendize Daniels lived in a one-room house with 13 other family members, a situation not uncommon in Guyana’s hinterland. Today, she is the beneficiary of an initiative to alleviate rural poverty – and it is empowering women in the process.


The “suicidal river” that runs through South America’s immense Gran Chaco region threatens lives and livelihoods with every flood. Now, collaboration, empowered by technology, is helping to mitigate disaster.


TV is providing access to education in the Brazilian Amazon – and it has reduced dropouts by almost half. (How does it work?)


The South American country has become a preferred destination for service-sector investment. What’s the secret to its newfound success?

blockchain costa rica

Blockchain, the new technology that is spreading across the global economy, has power far beyond online purchases. In Costa Rica, it’s helping young people from disadvantaged communities secure better jobs.