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There are effective, low-cost solutions to help prevent and address violence against women. Behavioral science is behind them.




Increasing investment in R&D is making Uruguay fertile ground for biotechnology startups. Esteban Guerra’s story is proof.


In the years to come, two major technological trends will drastically transform the way we work: automation and intermediation platforms. And women, in general, will be impacted more than men in the face of both changes.


More than one million students have now passed through our virtual classrooms – including teachers themselves. Here is how they’ve used our free, online courses, or MOOCs, to help spread the knowledge.


From the (literally) groundbreaking new metro in Quito to advanced mining-safety technology in Peru, the Andean region is becoming a new yardstick for development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Loans can be the catalyst for more women to start businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean. Two artisan-entrepreneurs from rural Mexico share their stories.

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A project supported by the IDB brought a secure and constant supply of electricity for the first time to Gualajo, a Colombian village just 34 kilometers from the border with Ecuador.


Sexperto is a digital platform that answers questions about sex to prevent teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. In 2018, it won the prestigious MIT Solve award.  


Jean Pierre in his studio

Through his art, Haitian-American Charles Jean-Pierre explores displacement, inclusion and identity in his life and his community. His work was among those featured in the IDB exhibit “A City of Questions.”