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Improving Lives


An initiative designed to spark innovation and economic diversification in Suriname is bringing more women into technology careers and inspiring a generation.

A training program at a correctional facility in The Bahamas adapts to overcome the constraints imposed by COVID-19, supporting inmates in their future reintegration into society.



In Curitiba, in southern Brazil, an ambitious project to improve urban mobility centers on gender perspective and the inclusion of people with disabilities to revamp public transportation for all.

Chicken as an Innovation

Can a chicken be a first step towards food security? This project used poultry farming to address the malnutrition that plagues the Chortí people of Guatemala, generating a sustainable source of food, income and community learning.

The Brazilian Entrepreneur Who Built a Startup From Ashes

This scientific endeavor used nanotechnology to turn ashes into a source of innovative and sustainable products.

Building a 21st Century Social Security with Cell Phones

What if you could start saving from your cell phone? Combining digital technology and behavioral economics, this experiment opens a novel avenue for workers to plan for the future.

Farmers Help Restore Jamaica’s Water Resources

Preserving watersheds is key to continued access to water in Jamaican cities. This project enlisted farmers to help them thrive while contributing to stave off the threats to natural resources.  

How Aviation Improved Cancer Patient Care

In Colombia, an innovative methodology led two disparate public institutions to share knowledge and improve lives. 


Latin America and the Caribbean have registered a surge in gender-based violence in the context of COVID-19. How can public agencies provide support to victims in this unprecedented context?