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Non-Sovereign Financing

For its non-sovereign guaranteed borrowers, the IDB provides private and state-owned companies and financial institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean with the financing necessary to help meet the region's growing demands.

Types of Financing

Financing is offered via a variety of structures including loans, partial credit guarantees, grant financing and political risk guarantees. Loans are made on a project finance or on a corporate finance basis. Partial credit guarantees help improve placement of bonds with investors and enable clients to have access to better financing terms from domestic and foreign investors. Grant financing is available to private and state owned enterprises for pre-investment activities of selected highly developmental projects. Political risk guarantees are provided to eligible foreign debt investors for qualified investments in borrowing member countries.

General financing terms

  • Loans carry fixed or floating interest rates and are priced according to existing market conditions, reflecting the overall characteristics of the underlying project and client.
  • Partial credit guarantees carry fees or premiums that are market based and depend on the risk covered and market benchmarks.
  • Grant financing requires counterpart financing.
  • Political risk guarantees carry fees determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the risk covered and the nature of the guarantees’ structure.

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