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About IDB EYE (Education, Youth, Employment) Bonds

Solving the challenges of poverty and inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean requires a multi-faceted, carefully planned approach that coordinates investments in human capital – people – over the course of a lifetime. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), a pioneer in the realm of social bonds, has been working for decades to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean to fund programs in three prioritized areas: Education, Youth, and Employment (EYE).The IDB has focused on a “life cycle” approach to build human capital from early childhood care and education, through formal primary and secondary education, as well as programs that facilitate labor market placement by improving the transition from school to work through vocational training. The EYE Bond promotes the following:

Education: IDB promotes effective teaching and learning among children and youth in Latin America and the Caribbean by supporting high standards, investing in early childhood development and school readiness, enhancing teacher training, ensuring adequate resources for learning, improving school infrastructure, and providing graduates with the skills needed for work and life.

Youth: IDB interventions are designed to promote the accumulation of human capital from early childhood care to youth programs, through the acquisition of practical life skills to reduce the likelihood of young people to engage in high risk behavior that may translate into economic and social costs for the individual, as well as society as a whole.

Employment: These projects assist the design, implementation and evaluation of policies to improve job opportunities and develop workforce skills. IDB-supported projects also increase the coverage and sustainability of social security, while improving efficiency and productivity.

EYE bonds carry the triple-A credit rating of the IDB, not the risk of the underlying projects. EYE Bonds provide investors not only with a financial return commensurate to a triple-A credit but a social return-developing human capital in Latin America and the Caribbean – as well.

Selected EYE Eligible Project Summaries



Uruguay: Program to Support the National Integrated Care System (UR-L1110) 

The program's objective is to help improve access to, and the quality of, the care of dependent people through the National Integrated Care System (SNIC). Specifically, it will support the institutional strengthening of the SNIC and the expansion of quality care services for children under the age of 3.


Peru: Improvement and Expansion of employment Center Services for Formal Job placement (PE-L1152)

The project objective is to improve and expand employment center services for formal job placement of the economically active youth population of the regions of Arequipa, Ica, Lambayeque, La Libertad, Piura, San Martín, and Metropolitan Lima. The specific aim is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance of Employment Center services to better match urban youth with formal-sector businesses looking for workers. The project seeks to develop a ¿strengthened Employment Center¿ model and fully implement it in these seven regions.



Bolivia: Program to Support Employment II (BO-L1121)

The general objective of this operation is to improve the workforce integration, in formal economic units, of job seekers who use the Plurinational Employment Service of Bolivia (SPEBO). Its specific objectives are: to strengthen SPEBO's position; and (ii) to improve the effectiveness of services delivered to job seekers who use SPEBO.



Uruguay: Generation C: Strengthening education innovations for 21st Century skills and competencies (UR-L1141)

This objective will be achieved through a program comprising the following three components: (i) Programs to improve learning and teaching practices introducing new pedagogies for deep learning; (ii) Digital resources to improve learning and competencies; and (iii) Management, improvement of monitoring capacity, and evaluation of results.



Bolivia: Grow Well to Live Well (BO-L1064)

Through the Ministry of Health, the Growing Well to Live Well program will provide comprehensive services, implementation of standards and supervision of quality care, in two departments: Potosí and Chuquisaca. The general objective of the program is to help improve the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of children, improving access and quality offered to children under 4 years of age. The program strengthens child care and parenting practices through home visits and strengthening Childcare Centers. It also creates Stimulation Centers to evaluate and treat children with physical, cognitive and socio-emotional delays. It also aims to improve inter-institutional coordination.


Paraguay: Program to Support Job Placement (PR-L1066)

The purpose of the program is to help improve job placement for young people who participate in new training models, and the expected outcome is to build the capacity of the General Employment Directorate (DGE) to coordinate services through a one-stop window. The program will also set up a web portal and an intermediation system in Paraguay.


Peru: Program to Improve Early Education in Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Huanuco (PE-L1062)

The general objective of the program is to improve the quality of early education services for children ages 3 to 5 years in the departments of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, and Huanuco. The specific objectives are: (i) to ensure suitable, safe educational facilities for children that will aid the teaching/learning process; and (ii) to improve teaching practices and management of education agents through support, relevant educational materials, and family participation, to encourage the children’s learning.


Barbados: Skills for the Future, BA-L1016

The objective of this program is to support the Government’s Human Resource Development Strategy, with an emphasis on improving the quality and relevance of secondary education and the effectiveness of technical and vocational training and education by forging close partnerships between business and training institutions. These partnerships are key to ensure that training is demand-driven and responds to the needs of employers while also resulting in skills certification for the trainees.


Belize: Education Quality Improvement, BL-1018

The objective is to improve the quality of primary education and the governance of the Belize education system. This objective is being achieved by training 50% of classroom teachers, as well as instructors at the Teacher Education Institutes that train future teachers. The program also trains some 37% of primary school principals in instructional leadership and administration, and creates an Education Management Information System.


IADB Projects Eligible for EYE Bond Financing


Project name Project    ID Project Country EYE Bond Allocated (US$mn)
Program to Improve the Quality and Expand Coverage of Basic Education BR-L1327 Brazil 122.4
Expansion and Improvement Project of the Public Education Network of Manaus BR-L1392 Brazil 6.1
Education Quality and Coverage Improvement Program GU-L1087 Guatemala  6.7
Program to Improve Early Education in Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Huánuco PE-L1062 Peru 21.1
Second Basic Education Improvement Program (2nd BEIP) Phase II SU-L1038 Suriname 8.3
Support for Primary and Secondary Math and English Education Program UR-L1093 Uruguay 6.0
Quality and Equity of Education - PROMEDU IV AR-L1180 Argentina 90.0
Skills for the Future BA-L1016 Barbados 14.0
Program for Accelerating Progress of Education in Amazonas BR-L1328 Brazil 58.1
Building and Equipping of Education Infrastructure CR-L1053 Costa Rica 121.6
Improvement of school quality to develop capacities for the Employment: Youth Program HO-L1188 Honduras 0.3
Secondary and Technical Education and Teachers Training Support Program UR-L1050 Uruguay 14.0
Educational Facilities and Learning Quality PN-L1064 Panama 5.6
Generation C: Strengthening education innovations for 21st Century skills and competencies UR-L1141 Uruguay 5.8
Expansion and Improvement Program of Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education in Florianópolis BR-L1329 Brazil 31.9
Early Childhood Education Expansion and Improvement Program CH-L1082 Chile 68.8
Education Quality Improvement BL-L1018 Belize 9.5
Productive Communitarian Secondary Education BO-L1071 Bolivia 33.1
Support Program to Quality Education Plan for Prosperity CO-L1093 Colombia 34.5
Innovation in School Infrastructure PN-L1072 Panama 57.9
Total Education Projects     716.0





Project name Project    ID Project Country EYE Bond Allocated (US$mn)
Program to Support Job Placement PR-L1066 Paraguay 1.6
Program to Support Employment II BO-L1121 Bolivia 5.8
Strengthening of the management of employment promotion policies ME-L1258 Mexico 35.6
Improvement and Expansion of employment Center Services for Formal Job placement PE-L1152 Peru 2.3
Human Resources Training Program ME-L1142 Mexico 50.5
Total Employment Projects     95.8