Legacy, Recent Acquisitions of the IDB Art Collection, the IDB´s first entirely virtual exhibition, presents a selection of artworks acquired in 2018 and 2019. These works, in a variety of media by artists from a dozen countries, encapsulate the true ethos of our collection: that art is one of the most powerful tools for transformation and can inspire new ways of thinking about ourselves as members of a global community.

As being representative of the values of a development bank, it aims to show the vast artistic richness and invaluable diversity of the countries that make part of it. The IDB Art Collection not only represents the most salient movements within Latin American and Caribbean art, but also reflects on the current moment as its artists weave together personal perspectives on critical contemporary issues such as climate change, social inclusion, gender and diversity, and migration, among others.


Amazonas, 2014
Fabián Díaz


This selection includes works by artists from Latin America and the Caribbean that answered to the challenge "Sidewalk of the Americas", a traveling exhibition curated in 2017 to reflect on the development challenges that affect the region such as diversity and inclusion, economic growth and globalization, gender equality, and environmental sustainability, among others. Included in this exhibition is "Amazonas" (Amazon), the work of Colombian artist Fabián Díaz, winner of the challenge.

It also comprises works by established artists like Cecilia Paredes (Peru) and Tessa Mars (Haiti), as well as Mandy Barker (England) and Alejandro Durán (Mexico), whose works were featured in the exhibition Single-Use Planet: A Call-to-Action from Artists of the Americas held at the IDB Cultural Center in 2019.

United States
United States No. 724, 2014
Mandy Barker


Given the transformation triggered by the pandemic in the cultural field that forced cultural institutions to transition to the digital sphere, Legacy, Recent Acquisitions of the IDB Art Collection only exists in a virtual space. By recreating the IDB Cultural Center to host our first virtual exhibition in a space that many will recognize, the Bank will make it available to a broader audience in every corner of the planet. The art, the talent, and the creativity of 17 artists from Latin America and the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom as well, will reach new spaces telling the story of our communities and the challenges that we accept to take on as a development institution working to improve lives.   

We invite you to experience this virtual art exhibition and to stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions and events of the IDB Art Collection and Cultural Center.

Legacy, Recent Acquisitions of the IDB Art Collection was curated by Julieta Maroni, Registrar of the art collection.