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Art Collection

This is Not Just Art:
IDB Art Collection Windows into Development

Why does the Inter-American Development Bank have an art collection?

Art transforms our impression of reality. Art pushes us to explore new ideas. Art and culture can transform our perception and understanding of the world, and the IDB Art Collection exists to harness the power of creativity to positively impact development. Art – and any creative endeavors – are windows into the experiences and ideas of others, building bridges of empathy and pushing the boundaries of our own preconceptions, driving innovative thinking for the future. Creative people have a unique way of viewing the world and impacting their environment. We seek to harness this talent in order to better address the challenges our society faces.


This exhibition features works of the IDB Art Collection that have been recently acquired. Each piece carries with it a unique development narrative. We are all limited by our own experiences and we hope that this showcase will broaden your own knowledge of how art can actively participate in shaping the future of the Latin American and Caribbean region.


More highlights from and information on the IDB Art Collection are available online on Google Arts & Culture.