IDB Office in Europe

IDB Office in Europe

Outreach and Partnerships

Europe, Israel and the IDB

The Inter-American Development Bank's (IDB) Office in Europe focuses on strengthening strategic alliances between the IDB and all 16 European member countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom), Israel, the European Union institutions, as well as other key partners including international organizations such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Trade Organization (WTO), academic institutions, NGOs as well as a range of other European-based private and public sector partner organizations. The IDB’s Office in Europe is one of two Regional Offices under the Office of Outreach and Partnerships (ORP) and its activities are closely coordinated with the Bank’s headquarters in Washington, DC.

The current key priority of the IDB’s Office in Europe is to mobilize resources through contributions to a range of instruments from project finance, grants as well as reimbursable co-financing, trust funds, secondments and other financial and non-financial means that will contribute to the IDB’s mission of helping reduce poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean in a sustainable manner. The IDB Office in Europe also represents the Bank, by request from Headquarters, at high level forums in Europe; and follows the lead in coordination with the Office of Outreach and Partnerships, supporting activities involving the identification, development and management of new relationships with potential actors from the public and private sectors, foundations, NGOs and philanthropic organizations, academia, and think tanks.


Entrevista Expansión con José Juan Ruiz, Economista jefe del BID

“España tiene que ser más proactiva en Latinoamérica, no basta con lo que hay”

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Protect our digital space

In the article published in El Pais, Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the IDB and Luis Almagro, General Secretary of Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA) talk about Cibersecurity.

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The Guardian


Article published in "The Guardian" from a panel discussion hosted by the Guardian at the annual World Water Week conference in Stockholm, Sweden. The panel was organised in association with the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and supported by Fundación Femsa, which works to create programmes around conservation and the sustainable use of water.

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Argentina pre-adjudicates roadworks worth 33 million euros to Corsán Corviam - Expansión

The Spanish company has been pre-adjudicated the work to finish the construction of a motorway in the southern province of Chubut, official sources said today. Read Article.

BRH and IDB jointly reflect on the links between credit, savings, natural disasters and growth - Le Nouvelliste

At the invitation of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), representatives of the financial system, investors, foreign partners and journalists took part in the « Mercredis de réflexion de la BID ». Read Article.

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How easy is it for a foreigner to invest in Colombia? -Portafolio

A few days ago, Venezuelan professor Ricardo Hausman indicated that the requirements for foreigners to enter the country to do business are excessive. Read Article.


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4 tips to expand to Latin America without investing -ebizLatam

One of the advantages that the internet offers is to be able to launch, test and scale a product with an investment close to zero. Read Article.


Outreach and Partnerships Office


The Office of Outreach and Partnerships, through its Office in Europe ORP/EUR,partners with foundations, corporations, non governmental organizations, governments and international organizations that share the Bank’s objectives and have the capacity to mobilize financial and non financial resources for the development of joint projects.

ORP/EUR has expanded and enhanced the IDB Partnership platform in Europe not only by reaching out to many non-traditional partners,but also by expanding the scope of our collaboration with public sector partners and bringing knowledge partners to IDB.

Check out the latest IDB partners for the public sector, private sector and foundations and universities.

Public sector     Private Sector     Foundations


A specialized team of professionals in Washington, Tokyo, Madrid and 26 Latin American and Caribbean countries are dedicated to identifying opportunities for collaboration and engaging with partners.

Our partners can work with the IDB to:

  • Co-finance programs and projects
  • Create or strengthen multi-donor thematic finds targeting key social needs.
  • Share institutional capacity, knowledge, and/ or specialized expertise
  • Co-sponsor initiatives and events that promote a culture of philanthropy and/or corporate social responsibility.

IDB can help its partners:

  • Leverage their existing programs through Bank co-financing.
  • Pool resources to create or strengthen thematic trust funds for special needs.
  • Share knowledge, institutional capacity, and innovative approaches.
  • Raise visibility for their efforts and awareness for a cause.
  • Improve efficiency and impact, by scaling-up promising projects and programs
  • Promote a culture of results-oriented philanthropy and CSR.
  • Engage more effectively with local and national governments and other key stakeholders throughout the region.

The IDB’s partners come from a wide range of sectors

Public Sector

IDB partners with the Bank’s non-borrowing member countries to finance technical cooperation activities and provide loans, grants and knowledge transfer to the region.

Private Sector

IDB partners with companies that seek to pursue socially-responsible growth opportunities that simultaneously generate public goods applying best private sector practices.

Non-governmental organizations

IDB partners with foundations, NGOs, civil society organizations and individuals to find joint results-based solutions to pressing development issues.



The IDB offers partners the opportunity to support priority initiatives that address Latin America and the Caribbean’s most pressing development issues.

Water and Sanitation  Join the effort to initiative that entails 4 programs: (i) 100 cities (ii) 3,000 rural communities, (iii) water defenders, and (iv) efficient and transparent utilities

Energy and Climate Change  Support initiative with 4 pillars: (i) renewable energy, (ii) biofuel development, (iii) access to carbon finance, and (iv) adaptation to climate change.

Opportunities for the Majority  Support innovative business solutions and financing that raise the standard of living of the region’s 360 million low-income citizens.

Education  Join efforts of initiatives with 3 priorities: (i) early childhood development, (ii) quality of education, and (iii) school-to-work transition.

Mesoamerica Health Facility  Seeks to improve nutrition; reproductive, maternal and neonatal health; immunization and vaccinations; malaria and dengue as well as regional epidemiological surveillance and institutional capacity in the health sector

Citizen Security  The initiative aims to improve the effectiveness of citizen security policies in LAC in three critical areas – information, institutional management and evaluation, and horizontal cooperation leveraging the Bank’s longstanding Citizen Security Platform and its 15 years of experience and support to national and local governments and communities to prevent crime and violence

Emerging and Sustainable Cities  This initiative seeks to build partnerships with the cities with a rapid growing rate in an effort to help them craft comprehensive plans that will harness sustainable solutions to housing, transportation, water and energy use, public services and related areas.


Multi-donor thematic funds  Public and private sector partners play a major role in financing activities that contribute to the region’s development.

Donor trust funds at the IDB are a critical source not only of grant financing for technical cooperation and investment grants, but also of know-how, expertise, and transfer of knowledge. As IDB responds to emerging development challenges, the donor community and the IDB have agreed to focus on results, strengthening grant financing in the programming process, and creating a select series of multi-donor funds that target specific priority areas.

Project Specific Grant (PSG). Non-reimbursable contributions administered by the Bank on behalf of one or more partners, public or private, to finance specific Bank projects, programs or other activities benefiting Bank borrowing member countries. PSGs may co-finance loans, TCs, Investment Grants, and Guarantees.



Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)  Join the effort to eliminate neglected tropical diseases which affect nearly 200 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean and cayse chronic pain and disability.

Road Safety  Road accident fatalities in Latin America and the Caribbean are almost double the world average, amounting to 17 deaths per 100,000. Join the IDB’s efforts for safer roads and become a part of our Road Safety Action Network .

Sports for Development  Become a part of our innovative sports for development initiatives which tackle problems of violence and social exclusion for the region’s youth and promote personal development, education, violence prevention, health and employment.

Help Haiti Now  As we face on of the most important and difficult development challenges of the century in the western hemisphere in Haiti, we invite you to join our initiatives and coordinate efforts as we build Haiti back better.

Mobile Citizen  Pilot project that promotes inclusive development through mobile services

The Geotourism Challenge 2009: Power of Place - Sustaining the Future of Destinations Seeking new partners to join partnership between IDB/MIF- National Geographic - Ashoka Changemakers that seeks to promote geotourism. Opportunities to co-finance and contribute products and services that can be leveraged for innovation in the tourism sector.