Integrated Economic-Environmental Modeling Platform
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About the IEEM Platform

The Integrated Economic-Environmental Modeling (IEEM) Platform is a decision support system that integrates the value of natural capital in the economic analysis of public policy and investment. The latest advances in methods have linked IEEM with spatial ecosystem services modeling (IEEM+ESM), enabling the estimation of the impacts of policies on indicators such as Gross Domestic Product, income, employment, and poverty, but also on wealth, natural capital and ecosystem services - all in a quantitative, comprehensive and consistent framework. The consistency of IEEM+ESM results with the United Nations’ System of National Accounts, the global standard for tracking economic growth, is a particularly powerful feature for communicating results and advising on policies with governments in the Latin American and Caribbean region and beyond.

This webpage is the temporary home for all things IEEM. In mid-2021, the OPEN IEEM Platform will be launched, which will be the permanent home for all IEEM resources and user experiences. In the meantime, through the links below, you can access and download all IEEM models, ecosystem service modeling data packets and IEEM technical guides and publications.

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