Dialogue with the IDB Group


Bank Annual Meetings Civil Society. Since 2000, the IDB Group has organized annual meetings with civil society of the 26 borrowing IDB Group in Latin America and the Caribbean. These forums are designed to share presence information and technical expertise; create a purposeful and open dialogue ; promoting partnerships with the IDB Group operations , the private sector , philanthropic and between the same Civil Society Organizations (CSOs ) organizations. In each forum an average of 250 300 participating organizations from 26 countries in the region. The agenda is prepared many months in advance, and is based on the convergence of development issues identified by the IDB and agreed with Civil Society.

Annual Dialogue between the IDB Group and the Civil Society in the Caribbean. This space provides an opportunity for the IDB and Caribbean civil society to exchange technical experiences and views on development challenges and replicable elsewhere in the Caribbean, as well as share experiences and explore options for collaboration.

Sessions with civil society in the countries: The IDB Group countries maintain an ongoing dialogue with Civil Society Advisory Groups ( ConSOC , for its acronym in English ) which hold information sessions, dialogues, cooperation and consultation. Intensify and advance topics such as education, health, labor markets, public safety, climate change, gender and more.