Crime and Violence are a challenge to Latin America and the Caribbean´s economic and social growth. About 350 Latin-Americans die each due to crime and more than 25% of the regions citizens consider that insecurity is one of the underlying problems affecting their lives. This reality has put forth citizen security as a key priority amongst governments.

However, the lack of quality information hinders the effectiveness of public policies aimed at reducing and preventing crime and violence. It is essential to have quality data for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of effective public policies. In response to the demands of the regions governments and with the commitment to support the country´s efforts, the IDB created DataSeg: DataSeg is an interactive graphic interface that consolidates crime and violence indicators for Latin America and Caribbean countries.

DataSeg is a tool of public access that allows user to access trustworthy, standardized and disaggregated information on important topics such as domestic violence, homicides, robbery and sexual crimes. With this tool, information by year, country can be accessed and can be compared and even correlated.