Creativity and Culture

Creative and cultural industries generated about 124 billion dollars in revenue and 1.9 million jobs in 2013 in Latin America and the Caribbean. At the IDB, we work to highlight the value of creativity and culture as an engine of development in the region.


The call is open for the most innovative startups in the creative and cultural industries in the following categories:

• DESIGN WITH SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Urban, interior and industrial design. Graphic arts, illustration and toys. Wearable technology, Accessibility and cultural identity expression. Co-creation between craftsmen and designers.

• SUSTAINABLE FASHION: intelligent clothes, organic clothes, accessories.

• MULTIMEDIA TO SAVE THE WORLD: video games, support media for digital content, virtual reality, 3D printing and interactive audiovisual content.

• GASTRONOMY AS AN AGENT OF TRANSFORMATION: recovery of ancestral and native recipes. Fusion cuisine, environmentally minded restaurants and chefs.

• STEREOTYPE-FREE MUSIC: cultural and ancestral preservation. Music as an education and language preservation tool.



The IDB’s art collection, acquired over six decades, represents our commitment to invest in the artists of the region and promote diversity and cultural integration. We place special emphasis on emerging artists, who, through their cutting-edge ideas, bring us closer to new trends.

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Too see part of the IDB art collection, visit our gallery at Google Art Project.


With the goal of incorporating our local community into our mission of Improving Lives, we establish relationships and support non-governmental organizations in the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. through corporate philanthropy, volunteerism, in-kind donations and fundraising campaigns.

CORPORATE PHILANTHROPY: This year, the IDB is seeking the 10 most inspiring and creative initiatives that primarily address the needs of the Latin American and/or Caribbean communities located in the Washington DC metropolitan area. The winners will be awarded grants of up to US$ 25,000 each. For more information and to apply, please click here.

VOLUNTEERISM: The IDB volunteer program proposes pro-bono skills-based volunteerism to improve the quality of life of the Latin American and Caribbean communities in the WDC metropolitan area.

IN-KIND DONATIONS: The IDB has donated a total of 1,660 items up to the year 2016, including computers, printers, electronics, furniture, office supplies, artwork, kitchen equipment, and so on to partner organizations.

FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNS (DISASTER RELIEF): When disaster strikes in our member countries, we respond quickly through internal fundraising campaigns in order to provide financial support to organizations that are helping people in the affected areas.

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Latin America and the Caribbean face challenges that need answers. Demand Solutions: Ideas for Improving Lives is a movement that brings together the most creative minds in the world to discuss and share innovative solutions that address development challenges in the region.

Each year, the IDB selects some of the most creative and innovative startups in the region and invites them to present their idea and compete for prizes during the Venture Night.


The IDB leverages various platforms and technologies to tell stories about how art and creativity improve lives. Our exhibition program seeks to stimulate a greater understanding of the creative wealth of our region.

IDB Art Gallery, Monday to Friday, 11:00 am - 6:00 pm, 1300 New York Avenue, NW (Metro Center).

Current and past exhibitions


We work with a forward looking approach, focusing our vision on the importance of the creative industries, those goods and services based on talent, intellectual property, connectivity and cultural heritage.

At the IDB, we strive to position the economic value and impact of this sector. We do this through outreach initiatives, technical assistance, content development, and partnerships in the creative and cultural industries.

The IDB works to connect people and ideas to accelerate our mission of improving lives in Latin America and the Caribbean.