From confinement to reopening

A roadmap for governments who are looking to move beyond COVID-19 containment to reopening their economies in a way that is safe and sustainable. Read more here. (content in Spanish)


To stop the contagion, manage uncertainty, and slowly return to normal, behavioral economics can help us design messages that are straightforward and effective. Read more here (Content available in Spanish and Portuguese).

COVID-19 unexpected impacts on Banks

The financial sector is de-globalizing due to the pandemic. From Ideas Matter blog.

The pandemic and the role of institutional capacity and trust

Citizens of countries with more institutional capacity and higher levels of interpersonal trust do better at respecting social distancing policies. Here´s why. 

Deeper integration of Latin America, essential against COVID-19

Once the health crisis is over, we will inevitably face a scenario where countries, especially developed ones, will look more inward, safeguarding supplies. Smart and pragmatic regional integration is critical to face this situation. Read more here.  

Trade policy, key to get out of quarantine and face COVID-19

Today, more than ever, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean need to act together in their trade policy decisions to stock up the goods and supplies they need to address the health crisis caused by COVID-19 and exit the generalized quarantine. Read more here.

Survey of coronavirus economic impacts

Which countries are most impacted economically by the coronavirus and what is the link with informality? Find out here (content in Spanish).