The following open source tools allow governments and institutions to better respond and prepare for emergencies. 


eTAB: Integrated indicator management and business intelligence tool. eTAB allows countries to easily see and share data to monitor performance from their routine health information systems from national averages, to individual health center performance.

SGIS: System for the Management of Health Incidents, was created to strengthen systematization in reference care, emergency response, obstetric and neonatal emergencies in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.

Modernization of the State

BA Obras: This tool puts information about public works transforming the City of Buenos Aires at the disposal of all its citizens. Neighbors can browse the progress of works by neighborhood, topic of interest, and time to completion, and also know when the works begin and end and how much they cost, in addition to seeing in photos and videos documenting the progress of each work.

Zero Lines: This tool allows people to schedule an appointment in days and hours available to carry out a procedure from any device with internet access, avoiding long lines and improving time management.


Open Urban Planning Toolbox: Digital toolbox for urban planning. These open source tools use machine learning and massive collaboration data to advance urban development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Massive Change Detection: Allows the observation of terrain for the detection of changes in land use, by applying artificial intelligence to satellite images. It has several potential applications, for example the updating of subnational cadastres or to carry out simulations of property valuation and determination of taxes.

Fiscal Management

Urban Land Valuation: This model was developed to visualize how a public works project could affect the valuation of nearby lots. It helps predict the continuous appreciation of the land using data from real estate market observatories, with samples of historical market prices before and after the completion of a work, using data nearby and up to the limit of evidence of its influence.  

Cadastral-Commercial Gap Calculator: These algorithms help map the differences in real estate market values of a given area Fiscal Management | Information Management Understanding the discrepancy between cadastral and commercial valuation of real estate in a given territory can be useful for decision makers.