politicas fiscales


Information about fiscal measures and other policies to respond to the emergency, continue public expenditure, and support economic recovery.

Strengthening the management of public investment in Latin America and the Caribbean: lessons learned and a vision for the future

Discover how to promote transparency, citizen participation, monitoring tools and technologies to improve management and quality of public investment, facing up to the pandemic crisis. Read the blog here (content in Spanish).

Digital VAT in times of COVID-19

This article analyzes the impact of the rise of the digital economy during the COVID-19 crisis on the value added tax in Latin America. Read the blog here (content in Spanish).

Subnational governments and coronaviruses: actions and lessons learned from the region

Discover five critical objectives to support subnational governments to enhance their crisis response capacity to offset the public health emergency and mitigate the economic and social impacts on citizens. Read the blog here (content in Spanish).

Treasuries are essential during the emergency: how they operate and transfer cash during the pandemic

Learn about digital solutions for direct cash transfers and how the treasury continuity plan works during the COVID-19 emergency in Latin America. Read the blog here (content in Spanish).

Journey to the unknown dimension: fundamental policy options and fiscal risks in times of COVID-19

This article discusses options for macroeconomic policies ahead of the COVID-19 and possible impacts on fiscal risks. Read the blog here (content in Spanish).

Plutarch, birds and integrity in the use of COVID-19 resources

Discover the potential of using digital technologies to improve the ability to detect irregularities and increase transparency. Read the blog here (content in Spanish).

Electronic tax invoice and virtual services support business continuity in Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic

Learn about digital solutions that allow states to continue raising resources to maintain the provision of essential services for citizens and businesses. Read the blog here (content in Spanish).

Digital innovation for more efficient public procurement in health: Electronic invoicing as a price parameter

This article explains how strong investments in technology and process reengineering has allowed Brazil to boost revenues, improve efficiency and control of public spending, and provide better services to citizens. Read the blog here (content in Spanish).

3 key measures so that the health emergency does not become an integrity crisis

Learn about a platform that offers greater transparency of public spending in times of emergency so that citizens can be informed, monitor and participate. Read the blog here (content in Spanish).

Virtual taxpayer assistance allows the continuity of the tax business and is strategic in times of the coronavirus

Learn the story of the virtual assistant Teresa is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that the citizens of Piauies in Brazil can answer their questions in moments of social isolation in front of COVID-19. Read the blog here (content in Spanish)

Coronavirus Crisis Communications: 10 Practical Recommendations for Local Governments

The containment measures to fight the disease present governments with communication challenges to change behaviors. Discover ten practical recommendations to improve communications in the face of coronavirus crises. Read the blog here.

How to protect the quality of essential public services during the crisis?

To protect the quality of essential public services during the current crisis, it is fundamental to strengthen human resource management in governments. Moreover, it is vital that the measures for mandatory contributions of public servants to crisis funds include prerogatives to limit the negative impact on the provision of services. Read the blog here (content in Spanish).