Information about fiscal measures and other policies to respond to the emergency, continue public expenditure, and support economic recovery.

Financial management operations under the COVID-19 pandemic: The Korean Experience

South Korea shares COVID-19 public financial management lessons with Latin America and the Caribbean to ensure business continuity.

COVID-19 in the Caribbean: The Economic Challenges Ahead

The COVID-19 pandemic caught the world by surprise, causing an unprecedented health and economic emergency. Discover three economic policy recommendations that can help Caribbean countries face such challenge. 

The strategic role of finance ministries to drive investment in sustainable infrastructure


Learn about four opportunities for action in order that ministries of finance in Latin America and the Caribbean can implement public policies that promote greater public and private investment in sustainable infrastructure. 

Access to financial information: a pillar of tax transparency and the fight against fraud

This article highlights the importance of developing control instruments to ensure that tax revenues are managed with greater efficiency and transparency. 

Coronavirus Crisis Communications: 10 Practical Recommendations for Local Governments

The containment measures to fight the disease present governments with communication challenges to change behaviors. Discover ten practical recommendations to improve communications in the face of coronavirus crises.