Guide for use of Technical Inspection

This document aims to help the Executing Agency determine the need for specific independent technical inspection of the goods being procured. This inspection may be warranted especially in procurement of goods under emergency conditions; from unverified suppliers; procurement of novel goods or otherwise high-value and high-risk procurements. The guide explains the actions to be followed by the Bank’s Fiduciary Specialists, Team Leader and the Executing Agency. Download document.

Financial and Experience Information Form

This simplified form was compiled from those in the Bank’s Standard Bidding Documents.  The EA should use this form in emergency and rapid procurement as part of its due diligence to validate providers. Download document.

Market-Price Analysis Template

This document aims to guide Executing Agencies in conducting the essential aspects of an analysis of the state of the market for supplies and the prevailing prices. It is generally applicable and especially useful in times such as during the COVID crisis when the market was erratic. Download document.

Good Practices for Integrity Due Diligence

This document prepared by OII provides tips and guidance to Executing Agencies on actions they can take to verify information about providers and identify red flags. It also gives guidance on steps to take to minimize the risk of fraudulent practices in procurement. Download document.