Transparency, accountability and integrity

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The IDB Group maintains the highest standards of transparency and integrity, extending it to its projects as well as to the companies and individuals hired for their execution. In this regard, the IDB Group has mechanisms to implement transparency through accountability on its performance, and to channel complaints about its activities.

Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism : If a community believes that it could be or it is being harmed by a project financed by the IDB, they can file a request for investigation to the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism.

The Office of Institutional Integrity is an independent advisory body within the IDB Group, which investigates allegations of violations, conducts activities to prevent that the resources to support the social and economic development of the Region are lost amid fraud and corruption, and develops outreach activities related to integrity.

Policy on Access to Information: The IDB, reaffirming its commitment to transparency in all aspects of its operations, approved the Policy on Access to Information. With this policy, the Bank is governed by a new standard for disclosures and it makes public any information not in the list of exceptions. This policy helps strengthen the impact of civil society organizations interested in contributing and promote citizen participation in building a development dialogue about the countries of the region, in the framework of the IDB projects and activities. The IDB Access Information section seeks to disseminate and promote access to information widely and easily, by means of facilitating accessibility. Visit the Access to Information page.

The Office of Evaluation and Oversight conducts independent and systematic evaluation of strategies, policies, programs, activities, functions and systems delivering IDB products. The office disseminates the findings of these evaluations, so that its recommendations for improving are used in the design, analysis and implementation of new operations.