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Be part of WiConnect3: The Hub for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We share with you the launch of WiConnect2. A platform especially designed for Civil Society Organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean. A tool created by the IDB Group in the framework of its relation to Civil Society, aiming to contribute to the development efforts of the IDB on its work with Governments, the Private Sector and Civil Society…because 3 are better than 1.

This online platform has been developed to showcase the social framework of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Through this digital portal, web searches can be carried out to find civil society organizations from all over the region according to location, sector and name. It is our intention for this platform to become a channel which highlights the development work civil society is doing in the region, promoting information, dialogue, public consultation, collaboration and partnerships with different stakeholders. Likewise, this will foste the generation of connections between these same organizations; facilitating integration within the regional agendas with shared values.

WiConnect3: Hub for sustainable development in Latin America and The Caribbean from el BID - the IDB on Vimeo.


The IDB Group works with governments, private sector, and civil society in Latin American and the Caribbean to support States in promoting sustainable development. The IDB works with Civil Society through five levels of engagement: Partnerships, Collaborations, Consultations, Dialogue and Information.


All actions related to access and dissemination of information, including those related to the collection of big and open data. The objective is to ensure compliance with regulations (or policy in the case of the IDB) for dissemination and access to information; anticipating and including actions for managing big data in an open format. 


The IDB Group convenes leaders to maintain face to face meetings in order to promote development issues. Find out our activities here.


The IDB Group listens to civil society to get inputs on its policies, strategies and projects. The IDB regularly conducts public consultations with diverse groups of interest belonging to different areas of civil society.  Learn more about our consultations here.


The IDB Group promotes collaboration with civil society in a diversity sectors in order to advance development through Civil Society for Innovative Solutions. The IDB is also adding human capital to development by training CSOs in its program “Civil Society: Institutional Capacity”. Besides, the Bank encourages spaces to advance common agendas of development and share value with expert CSOs, Civil Society Building Knowledge. At the same time, the IDB has a CSO network in each of the 26 countries known as Civil Society Consultative Groups (ConSoC).


The IDB builds partnerships with Civil Society to leverages technical and field experience to implement projects or projects’ components.


Topics of Civil Society are led by the Vice Presidency for Countries in Washington, D.C.

Flavia Milano |

Ulises Pallares |

Irene Irazábal Briceño |   

Patricia Breuer Moreno (focal point for the WiConnect3 platform) |  

María Enriqueta Ponce (content creation and revision for the new Institutional Capacity Program courses)

Coordination support team - In the countries:

Country Liaison E-MAIL Phone 
Argentina Arraiza, Eduardo Daniel (54 11) 4320 1897
Bahamas Gevon Moss  (1-242) 396-7823
Barbados Janette Archer-Headley (246) 627-8514
Belice Alyssa Noble    (501) 221-5324
Bolivia Maria Delina Otazú (591) 2217-7730
Brasil Anna Araujo  (55-61) 3321-4147
Chile Paola A. Robles Alzamora (56-2) 2431-3706
Colombia Leandro Gastón Andrian (571) 325-7045
Costa Rica David José Ruiz Mora (506) 2208-6934
Ecuador Andrea Durango
(5932) 299-6985
El Salvador Nadia Martinez Huezo (503) 2233-8927
Guatemala Hugo Amador Us Alvarez (502) 2327-4300
Guyana Kevin Rawle Bonnett kbonnett@IADB.ORG (592) 225-7950
Haití Michel Serge (509) 3877-8494
Honduras Gladys Morena Gómez (504) 290-3537
Jamaica Sudaney Blair (876) 764-0829
México Susana Castañeda Palacios (52-55) 9138-6200
Nicaragua Miriam Isabel Castillo M.  (505) 2264-9127
Panamá Carlos Garcíamartin y
Jhonatan Astudillo (507) 206-0912
Paraguay Gloria Teresa Rojas (595) 21616-2205
Perú Mariana Vega (51-1) 215-1883
República Dominicana Jennelle Thompson (809) 784-6407
Suriname Vernon Lucien Harpert (597) 52-1220
Trinidad y Tobago Dorri Agostini (868) 822-6436
Uruguay Serrana Mujica Estevez (598) 2915-4330
Venezuela Andreina Alvarez  (58) 212-9552959



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