Civil Society- Institutional Capacity

The program is funded by the Vice Presidency for Countries (VPC) with the support of the Department of Knowledge and Learning (KNL), members of the IDB Group, and the Inter-American Institute for Economic and Social Development (INDES).

During 2015, the Vice Presidency for Countries will be granting scholarships to strengthen Spanish-speaking CSOs (training will be available shortly in English). If completing the requirements and assessment of the training course, participants will obtain the certification in Project Management Associate (PMA).

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Civil Society Program for Innovative Solutions

The Civil Society Program for Innovative Solutions is funded by the Vice Presidency for Countries with the support of the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), members of the IDB Group, created to seek innovative solutions from Civil Society to contribute to solving development challenges in Latin American and the Caribbean.

The program is an online contest designed to identify and connect with the Bank and other actors, with the work being undertaken by civil society. The aim is to identify organizations implementing or proposing innovative solutions regarding development challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Challenge 2015: Call for Solutions Civil Society and Legal Identity

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Civil Society Building Knowledge

The program is sponsored by the Vice Presidency for Countries in an effort to advance the development agenda. The program seeks to include organizations from remotes areas with internet access. The program consists of a webinars series with the aim to build up knowledge and add Civil Society inputs to the IDB Group work.

We believe that building knowledge is a mutual contribution therefore we encourage all interested individuals in our region to join this program of independent sessions. All CSOs (ConSoC and no-ConSoC members), experts and general public are invited to participate. Although the exchanges are technical, seeking to share the latest developments in the matter discussed, it is not mandatory to have an academic background to participate. We especially encourage: community groups, groups of teachers invited to participate and bring questions and concerns from students that allow us to think of effective ways to continue to build knowledge. We also reach out to engage groups of students from schools and universities, professional groups, universities, NGOs and technical groups on the issue discussed to consider their contributions.

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Strengthening Civil Society in the Caribbean to design projects

Strengthening Civil Society in LAC and the Caribbean “The Caribbean” (RG- T2393) is a Technical Cooperation (TC) developed with the support and funding of the Institutional Capacity Strengthening Thematic Fund (ICS). The TC aims, among other things, at improving the skills of project design, access to information and promoting partnerships with other organizations in the Caribbean that contribute to strengthening the development of its regional agenda.