Civil Society Institutional Capacity


II Call for Scholarship - Project Management for Results (PM4R)

We believe that the inclusion of an increasingly prepared civil society is key to advance the development challenges of our region. Consequently, within the level of cooperation, the Vice Presidency for Countries launched the "Civil Society and Institutional Capacity Training" program.

The program includes the course "Project Management for Results PM4R / Civil Society" in partnership with the IDB Group’s Department of Knowledge and Learning (KNL) through the Inter-American Institute for Economic and Social Development (INDES)

Scholarships PM4R / Civil Society:

During 2015 the Vice Presidency for Countries will fund 140 grants for civil society organizations (CSOs) to participate in PM4R / Civil Society. The course will be available to each country and will reach the most remote regions with internet access through virtual classrooms for project teams selected by CSOs, and will cover results-oriented project management.

CSOs from Spanish-speaking countries in the region who meet requirements and submit their applications agreeing to the terms provided will be pre-selected for the scholarships. The total duration of PMA course is eight (8) weeks.

After completing the course, participants who have met all requirements and assessments required will receive a Project Management Associate (PMA) certification.

Scholarships for English-speaking CSOs will be available shortly.

For more information please take contact the civil society liaison in your country.