Civil Society Consulting Groups (ConSoCs)

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ConSoC is a platform for collaboration and consultation promoted by the IDB Group and integrated by a group of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in each country, each selected based on the role that it plays and involving one or more of the development strategy pillars agreed to by the governments of each country (Country Strategy).

There are 26 ConSoCs, one for each of the countries where the IDB Group operates. The topics of collaboration include, among others climate changegendercitizen securityyouth at riskenvironmentindigenous peoplesafro-descendants, labor markets, etc.

Together with ConSoC members, we seek an exchange of information and technical expertise based on the work of each organization. In addition, we seek participation in public discussions regarding strategies, policies, and/or projects in which the IDB Group solicits input from civil society (ConSoC members or not).