Engagement Strategy with Civil Society

Civil Society

New IDB Group - Civil Society Engagement Strategy

New IDB Group - Civil Society Engagement Strategy

The IDB Group now has a new “Civil Society Engagement Strategy

The new Strategy contains the vision, objectives and expected results to advance the IDB Group’s development work with Governments, the Private Sector, and Civil Society.

The new Strategy reflects and is a result of the inputs received from external and internal sources: Those generated by the Bank’s sectorial and operational specialist teams, as well as inputs received in virtual and in-person public consultations in all of the region’s countries, with over 500 representatives of universities, social enterprises, NGOs, foundations, private companies, and governments.

The Strategy’s implementation will be based on 5 action strategic lines with Civil Society:

  1. Capture, process, and provide better access to information.           
  2. Integrate direct dialogue opportunities.              
  3. Continuing to ensure the optimization of public consultation processes.              
  4. Expanding collaboration opportunities with civil society.               
  5. Maximizing the value of the IDB Group’s strategic alliances.

For more details about the inputs received, and to read the whole text of the Strategy approved by the IDB and IDB Invest Boards of Executive Directors, click here.