New IDB Group-Civil Society Engagement Strategy



The IDB Group now has a new Civil Society Engagement Strategy.

The new Strategy contains the vision, objectives and expected results to advance the IDB Group’s development work with governments, the private sector, and civil society.

It reflects and is a result of the inputs received from external and internal sources: Those generated by the Bank’s sectorial and operational specialist teams, as well as inputs received in virtual and in-person public consultations in all of the region’s countries, with over 500 representatives of universities, social enterprises, NGOs, foundations, private companies, and governments.

The Strategy’s implementation will be based on 5 strategic action lines with civil society:

  1. Capture, process, and provide better access to information.           
  2. Integrate direct dialogue opportunities.              
  3. Continuing to ensure the optimization of public consultation processes.              
  4. Expanding collaboration opportunities with civil society.               
  5. Maximizing the value of the IDB Group’s strategic alliances.

For more details about the inputs received, and to read the whole text of the Strategy click here.

Download our Action Plan for Implementation of the IDB Group-Civil Society Engagement Strategy.


The IDB Group works with governments, private sector, and civil society in Latin American and the Caribbean to support States in promoting sustainable development. The IDB works with Civil Society through five levels of engagement: Partnerships, Collaborations, Consultations, Dialogue and Information.


All actions related to access and dissemination of information, including those related to the collection of big and open data. The objective is to ensure compliance with regulations (or policy in the case of the IDB) for dissemination and access to information; anticipating and including actions for managing big data in an open format. 


The IDB Group convenes leaders to maintain face to face meetings in order to promote development issues. Find out our activities here.


The IDB Group listens to civil society to get inputs on its policies, strategies and projects. The IDB regularly conducts public consultations with diverse groups of interest belonging to different areas of civil society.  Learn more about our consultations here.


The IDB Group promotes collaboration with civil society in a diversity sectors in order to advance development through Civil Society for Innovative Solutions. The IDB is also adding human capital to development by training CSOs in its program “Civil Society: Institutional Capacity”. Besides, the Bank encourages spaces to advance common agendas of development and share value with expert CSOs, Civil Society Building Knowledge. At the same time, the IDB has a CSO network in each of the 26 countries known as Civil Society Consultative Groups (ConSoC).


The IDB builds partnerships with Civil Society to leverages technical and field experience to implement projects or projects’ components.