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Trust Funds

Trust Funds are established by sovereign and non-sovereign donors to complement the IDB offerings to its borrowing member countries. Contributions to IDB trust funds come from countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, as well as multilateral institutions and private donors.

In large measure, this expansion is owed to strong backing from donor countries, which have increased their support for existing IDB trust funds and established new funds, multi-donor and single funds, to meet emerging needs of the countries in the region. Donor trust funds at the IDB are a critical source not only of grant financing for technical cooperation and investment grants, but also of know-how, expertise, and transfer of knowledge. Donors also provide project specific grants and investment grants as additional sources of grant financing at the IDB. Our donor priorities are aligned with the priority needs in our region. During 2000-2018, trust funds contributed approximately US$4.2 billion in grant and concessional financing for LAC countries. Working together with our partners, we make a difference in improving the lives of people in Latin America and the Caribbean and we look forward to a continued partnership.

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