Social campaigns

During the past 10 years the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has designed, developed and successfully implemented more than 30 comprehensive public awareness campaigns in Latin America and the Caribbean. By informing and engaging the public and key constituents, the IDB’s social campaigns strengthen the Bank’s development goals. The campaigns promote social, behavioral and policy changes on a variety of issues including human trafficking, domestic violence, disaster prevention, citizen identification and registration, access to basic services and the plight of street children, among others.

The Bank’s campaign work establishes partnerships and strategic alliances throughout Latin American and the Caribbean to promote information exchange, project collaboration, resource mobilization and sustainability in the area of development communications.

Many of the campaigns involve outreach activities at the community level including town hall meetings, local debates, community center discussions, cultural activities, contests, and high-level political debates, among others. In many of these events national personalities including well-known actors, musicians, talk-show hosts and other sports figures participate and endorse the campaign issues.

The following are the current Social Campaigns that the IDB is involved:

Yo Amo América

Llama y vive