Project Preparation Facilities

The Inter-American Development Bank has several facilities that support project preparation: the Project Preparation Facility (PPF) and the Project Preparation and Execution Facility (PROPEF).

The PPF provides up to $1.5 million in complementary financing to finalize preparation activities for projects in the Bank's pipeline. PPFs aim to strengthen and shorten the project preparation stage, facilitating loan approval and project execution.

The PROPEF facilitates a more seamless transition from preparation to execution by financing additional project start-up activities. PROPEFs make more funding available per project--up to $5 million--than traditional PPFs, as well.

The InfraFund, created with a $20 million contribution from the IDB, provides resources to assist public, private and mixed entities in the identification, development, and preparation of bankable and sustainable infrastructure projects.

The FIRII, also funded with a $20 million IDB contribution, provides technical cooperation resources for studies concerning regional physical integration and project preparation for cross-border infrastructure operations involving borrowing member countries.

The FDP provides technical cooperation resources for the preparation of disaster prevention projects and risk assessments in IDB borrowing member countries.