Mediation Secretary

The Office of Mediation serves all IDB Group Employees (Staff and Contractuals) who are dealing with work-related issues and or grievances. The Office of Mediation is managed by the Mediation Secretary, who is appointed by the President and is responsible for guiding or advising those involved in conflicts and for coordinating the mediation process.

Mediation is a confidential conflict resolution mechanism in which an impartial third party (Mediator) helps two or more participants better understand their issues, interests and needs and empowers them to bridge their differences through a voluntary agreement. The use of mediation empowers participants to successfully resolve conflicts, helps avoid the escalation of conflict into a legal dispute, and greatly reduces the financial and emotional costs for all parties involved. At the same time, mediation is an effective communication tool that contributes to strengthening labor relations.

The Mediation process has four basic steps and is designed to give parties involved an opportunity to talk and resolve their differences:

(i) Mediation Request: once a request is received and if the case is appropriate for mediation, an intake session is held between the employee and the Mediation Secretary. The purpose of this meeting is to explain the process and ensure the employee’s interest in pursuing mediation;

(ii) Selection of Mediator: participants are provided with a list of internal/external professional mediators, giving them the opportunity to select a mediator;

(iii) Mediation Session: before the session begins, the parties sign an “Agreement to Mediate” which binds them to confidentiality. During the mediation session, the participants have the opportunity to discuss and resolve their differences with the help of the mediator;

(iv) Mediation Agreement: if an agreement is reached between the parties, the mediator drafts an Agreement which is signed by both parties.

Within the boundaries of the mediation process, confidentiality covers all parties involved regarding any statements made or documents prepared or produced for purposes of mediation during intake, mediation sessions and follow-up. The only exception to confidentiality is in cases where there appears to be a risk of imminent danger or serious harm to individuals or the Bank.

The Office of Mediation provides the following services: consultations, informal mediation, formal mediation, and professional development programs in conflict resolution and mediation skills. All mediation processes are conducted in accordance with the stipulations outlined in the respective staff rules : PE- 323 / PN 1.03 Labor Relations & Conflict Resolution Mechanism/; PE – 323-2/PN 1.03-2 Informal Mediation and PE-323-3/PN- 1.03-3 Internal Grievance Review & Formal Mediation.


Ellen Connors, Mediation Secretary

(202) 623-2790 - Main
(202) 623-3245 - Assistant to the Mediation Secretary
(202) 556-4881 - Fax
(202) 623-2673 - Helpline



Office Location: SE-206

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Office of Mediation
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