Private Sector Loans

These instruments are also known as Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Loans (NSG).

  • A/B Loans and Syndications: The IDB can attract banks and institutional investors to co-finance private sector projects through the subscription of A/B loans. Corporations, banks, public and mixed capital entities are eligible for this kind of loan.  
  • Small enterprise: The FOMIN Small Enterprise Investment Facility (SEIF) is designed to provide financing to broaden the participation of smaller entrepreneurs in their local economies. 
  • Social Entrepreneurship Program: This program promotes the implementation of financing mechanisms that provide sustainable solutions to socioeconomic problems affecting marginalized populations.
  • Opportunities for the Majority Initiative: Promotes and finances market-based, sustainable business models that engage private sector companies, local governments and communities in the development and delivery of quality products and services for the majority of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean. Its purpose is to improve the quality of life of low-income communities.