Historical Milestones 2009-2010


  • Lending ($15.5 billion) and disbursements ($11.9 billion) achieve new highs.
  • Debt relief for Haiti finalized; Grant Facility established with initial approvals of $122 million.
  • Offer to transfer single-currency and Currency Pooling System adjustable loan balances to LIBOR-based or fixed-base cost rate, resulting in initial $26.3 billion in conversions.
  • China becomes IDB´s forty-eighth member country.


  • Governors approve Ninth General Capital Increase of $70 billion, largest in IDB history and first in 16 years.
  • Haiti devastated by massive earthquake. IDB pardons Haiti debt and makes $200 million available in annual grants.
  • Luis Alberto Moreno elected to second five-year term.
  • Expanded financing of conditional cash transfer programs including Oportunidades (Mexico) and Familias en Acción (Colombia).