Executive Director

Roy Alejandro Barreras Cortes

Colombia and Peru

Alejandro Barreras holds a degree in political science from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana; he is a Specialist in Public Sector Law from the Universidad Externado de Colombia; is a Specialist in Urban Law and holds a Master’s in Law and Urban Management from Universidad del Rosario de Colombia; and has a Master’s in Policy Leadership from Georgetown University. He has also completed many other courses, diploma programs, and certifications at prestigious international academic institutions.

Mr. Barreras was appointed IDB Executive Director for Colombia and Peru in December 2022. He previously served as Director of the Administrative Department for Planning for the District of Santiago de Cali and for the Gobernación del Valle del Cauca in Colombia.

Mr. Barreras has extensive experience in urban and territorial planning, formulating and monitoring planning tools. He was involved in regional development policymaking for Colombia’s Pacific coast region, through the creation of the Pacific Administrative and Planning Region and the establishment of the Regional Transportation Authority for Metropolitan Cali.

He has spearheaded urban recovery and sustainable mobility projects and the development of green building models in Cali that have served as pilots in Colombia and Latin America. He also served as Director of Colombia’s First Departmental Land-Use Plan: The Valle del Cauca Departmental Land-Use Plan, 2017-2037.

He has received the following awards for these achievements: Best Development Plan in Colombia (Environmental Sustainability category) from Colombia’s National Planning Department for the Santiago de Cali District Development Plan 2020-2023; the National Planning Department Award for Best Development Plans for the Valle del Cauca Development Plan 2016-2019; and was recognized by the General Royalties System for “Outstanding General Royalty System Project Management Index 2016-2019.”


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