Alternate Executive Director

Eric Daniel Madueño


Eric Madueño was appointed Alternate Executive Director for Canada at the Inter-American Development Bank on August 20, 2018. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Madueño had extensive career in Canadian public service in leadership positions on both domestic and international economic policies at Canada’s Departments of Finance and Industry.
During his time in Canada’s Department of Finance, Mr. Madueño was the lead for the Department on policy development related to Canada’s International Assistance, including the review and development of broad international assistance policies. He was also the lead economist for the Government of Canada in several international negotiations, including for the World Bank – International Development Association, the Deauville Partnership and sovereign lending.

As a Government of Canada Executive, Mr. Madueño lead significant work on innovating Canada’s international assistance toolkit. This included leading on Canada’s re-engagement on sovereign lending and use of financial tools such as equity holdings and guarantees, in support of international assistance. He also lead the reform of Canada’s international assistance funding structure to ensure it is more transparent and better aligned with the use of innovative financial tools.

Prior to joining Finance, Eric worked in several capacities including in International Organizations and the Private Sector.

Mr. Madueño has a Master in Economics specialized in international and industrial economics from McGill University, Canada; and an undergraduate degree in Economics specialized in development economics from the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is fluent in French, Spanish and English.

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