Executive Director

Martha Seillier was appointed Executive Director for Brazil and Suriname at the IADB in May 2022. Before, Martha was responsible for the Brazilian Investments Partnership Program – PPI, as a Deputy Minister of the Economy of Brazil. The Program was created to attract private investments to infrastructure, focused on energy, transportation, sanitation, social infrastructure, as well as privatizations. In January 2019 she was the first woman to become CEO of INFRAERO, the largest airport operator in Brazil. Since 2009, she has worked with the planning and regulation of civil aviation and has participated on the structuring of Airports PPPs.

Martha Seillier also played a strategic role at the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of Brazil (2016-2018) where she coordinated an important agenda for the modernization of legal frameworks at the National Congress, working on essential bills such as the new law for sanitation and the labor reform.

Martha Seillier holds two Bachelor´s degrees: in Economics and Law. She also holds a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Brasília. Martha is a Specialist in Public Policy and Governmental Management from the Brazilian National School of Public Administration.


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