Executive Director

Guillermo Francos is the Executive Director for Argentina and Haiti at the Inter-American Development Bank.

A lawyer and graduate of the Universidad del Salvador de Buenos Aires, he had a private law practice until 1989, while simultaneously holding various government positions in Argentina’s Ministries of Justice and Education.

He participated in the founding of the Federal Party and the Action for the Republic Party. He was elected as a council member for the City of Buenos Aires twice and was also elected to the National Congress.

He served as Director of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Chairman of ARG Línea Privada Argentina, Chairman of the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires, founder and Chairman of Provincia Microempresa (PROMESA), Director of Visa Argentina, Director of Corporación América, and founder and Chairman of Wilobank, among other positions.

Francos is also an entrepreneur, with over 15 years of private-sector experience as a partner in retail businesses, production companies in the agrifood sector, and the financial inclusion sector.

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