Alternate Executive Director

Carlos Alberto Vallarino Rangel

Panama and Venezuela

In his professional career, he has served in government and the corporate sector as a Manager, Executive, and Board Member of various private telecommunications, banking, financial, real estate, industrial, commercial, communications, television, and transportation companies, among others.

He has been appointed to over 11 professorships in public and private universities in economy, finance, systems, administration, auditing, research, accounting, and projects.

In the public sector, he has held the positions of Comptroller General of the Republic, Minister of the Economy and Finance, and Minister of Public Works. He was the founder and first Superintendent of Bancos de Panamá, Deputy Minister and Acting Minister of Economic Policy and Planning, Vice Chancellor of the University of Panama and, during his tenure as Minister of the Economy and Finance, he was the Governor to the IDB, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund.

In media, he has worked as a writer, television presenter and analyst on debate and analysis programs, commentator, and editorial board member.


Inter-American Development Bank

1300 New York Avenue, N.W

Washington, D.C 20577, USA

Tel: +1 202. 623.1035


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