Five things you need to know about the IDB

  • We provide more financing to Latin America and the Caribbean than any other government-owned regional financial institution. We are the biggest multilateral donor in Haiti.
  • We have been pursuing an extensive reform agenda in recent years that has allowed us to connect with new clients, put more personnel in country offices, and make our projects more accountable and transparent.
  • In June 2010, the Board of Governors agreed to increase the Bank’s capital by $70 billion, raising it to more than $170 billion. The capital increase, the largest in the IDB’s history, will enable the Bank to lend as much as $12 billion per year, doubling the levels before the global financial crisis, and substantially increase lending to the private sector.
  • Our Governors also agreed to provide an unprecedented relief package for Haiti, which includes the cancellation of the country’s outstanding debt and the provision of $2.2 billion in grants through 2020.
  • The capital increase will allow the IDB to significantly increase lending for poverty alleviation as well as to small and vulnerable countries. Moreover, the Bank will be able to boost financing for regional and global integration and for projects that protect the environment and enable adaptation to climate change.