Office of Outreach and Partnerships



Matias Bendersky

Manager of the Office of Outreach and Partnerships

The Office of Outreach and Partnerships (ORP) is responsible for strengthening the Bank’s dialogue and alliances with other constituencies of the development community, including trust fund donors, cofinancing counterparties and private sector. ORP also supports the identification and development of harmonization initiatives and establishes the Bank-wide framework to guide the development and maintenance of country-focused and sector specific partnerships and outreach. ORP is divided in the Office in Europe, the Office in Asia, the Resource Mobilization Division and the Grants and Co-financing Management Unit.

The office advises the president and executive vice president on the institutional strategic partnerships and alliances that the Bank should initiate in order to meet the institutional priorities of the corporate strategic plan. ORP also provides oversight to regional strategic initiatives not directly related to the Bank's main line of action that are financed with external funds, under different institutional arrangements, including FONTAGRO, GEF, PROLEAD, and Fondo Indígena.

In addition, the ORP acts as the sole channel for the IDB's resource mobilization efforts with (i) corresponding ministries and bilateral development agencies of member countries; (ii) agencies of the EU and UN system that provide development assistance to the Latin America and Caribbean region; (iii) non-member institutions that finance development activities in the region; (iv) the philanthropic foundations that provide development assistance to the Latin American and Caribbean region; and (v) the private sector.