Integration and Trade Sector



Antoni Estevadeordal

Manager of the Integration and Trade Sector

The Integration and Trade Sector (INT) advises management on trade and regional development issues, as well as overall Bank strategies and programs in these areas. It is also responsible for policy-relevant research on regional and global economic integration issues and trends, as well as specialized technical sector support to trade and integration-related operations and activities.

INT collaborates with other sectors, the office of the vice presidency for countries (VPC), and the office of the vice president for private sector and non-sovereign guaranteed operations (VPP) in the design and execution of multi-sector operations related to integration and trade issues. It also provides technical input on trade and integration in the preparation of country and regional strategies.

The sector also leads the design and execution of national and regional operations directly related to integration and trade issues, including trade facilitation and market access, trade development and foreign investment promotion, trade-capacity building and institutional strengthening, regional and multilateral integration initiatives and regional and global cross-border policy cooperation.

INT also provides technical coordination of specialized initiatives and funds to support integration and trade programs; produces and disseminates innovative research on trade, regional and global integration issues complementing the Bank’s research agenda, in coordination with the research department; and maintains a network of institutions in the region in the trade and integration sector.


Name Office in
Beliz, Gustavo Osvaldo (Chief INTAL) Buenos Aires


Name Office in
Estevadeordal, Antoni (Sector Manager) Washington D.C.
Giordano, Paolo Washington D.C.
Mendonca, Branca Washington D.C.
Moreira, Mauricio Mesquita Washington D.C.
Salas, Rodrigo Washington D.C.
Skinner, Martha Washington D.C.
Sobral de Elia, Mariana Washington D.C.
Tres Viladomat, Joaquin Washington D.C.
Valderrama-Celaya, Claudia Washington D.C.


Name Office in
Opertti, Fabrizio (DIV CHIEF TRADE & INVESTMENT) Washington D.C.
Umana, Mario Alberto Washington D.C.