Human Resources Department



 Elizabeth Dougherty

General Manager a.i., Human Resources Department 

The Human Resources Department (HRD), within the Vice Presidency for Finance and Administration (VPF), is responsible for the administration and development of the human resources of the Bank and the coordination of human resources planning for all Units within the Bank.

HRD provides the Bank with a framework to ensure it has the right person, in the right place, at the right time, and with the right incentives that lead to high-performance. As a strategic partner of the business, HRD is passionately committed to attracting, retaining and developing talent and to delivering high-quality, efficient, reliable services to the Bank and its staff.

The Department is comprised of three Divisions, namely the Compensation, Benefits and HR Services Division (COB), the Talent Management Division (TLM), the Leadership and Employee Development Division (LDV), as well as the Policy and Labor Relations Unit (PLR).