Country Department Caribbean



Therese Turner-Jones

General Manager, Country Department Caribbean Group

The Country Department Caribbean (CCB) is responsible for the promotion and development of Bank country strategies and programming in The Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago and via the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), the countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

The department supports the process, negotiation, and administration of regional and country-specific projects and programs; leading and maintaining the relations of the IDB with member countries and the CDB; supporting the implementation of country-specific operations; promoting and coordinating the use of the funds administered by the Bank or under parallel financing agreements, and monitoring the operation-related procurement activities of Bank borrowers and beneficiaries.

The management team is composed of the general manager, regional advisors and the country representatives. CCB is divided into six country offices in The Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago


Name Office in
Aaron-Gillette, Lynette Carolyn Port of Spain
Agostini, Dorri Michelle Port of Spain
Augustine,Allister Port of Spain
Beckles, Kerneisha Tamara Port of Spain
Brathwaite, Neeca N. Port of Spain
Burtley, Amanda Port of Spain
Cockburn, Carina Natiche Port of Spain
Frank, Stephanie Elener Port of Spain
Graham-Hosein, Andrea Port of Spain
Gualbance-Ferreira, Sandra Deowatie Port of Spain
James, Dale Anthony Port of Spain
Johnson, Jessie-Ann Jillian Port of Spain
Joseph, Kamau Tchaka Port of Spain
Medina-Bolivar, Rocio J Port of Spain
Ramsumair-John, Priya Elizabeth Port of Spain
Ruben,Tricia Port of Spain
Smart,Darryl Port of Spain
Smets, Lodewijk Johannes J. Port of Spain


Name Office in
Archer-Headley, Janette Christ Church
Archibald, Yajaira Ade Christ Church
Blenman, Shamar Kadeem Christ Church
Boyce, Leah Christ Church
Boyce, Natasha Christ Church
Clarke, Leandre Shonnelle Christ Church
De la Hoz Vinas, Juan Carlos Christ Church
Franklin, Rochelle Christ Church
Hurdle, Jabarrie Dale Dexter Christ Church
Mayers, Deborah Arlene Christ Church
Murrell, Kevin Omar Christ Church
Nurse, Sonia Christ Church
Urra, Francisco Javier Christ Church
Waithe, Kimberly Shannelle Christ Church
Worrell, Beverley Cecilia Christ Church


Name Office in
Turner-Jones, Therese (General Manager) Kingston
Arzu, Harold Washington D.C.
Belgrave, Julian Austin Washington D.C.
Beuermann Mendoza, Diether Wolfgang Washington D.C.
Canache Franklin, Marisela Aurora Washington D.C.
Cassar, Lesley N Washington D.C.
Dassatti, Veronica Gabriela Washington D.C.
Estevez, Alexis Washington D.C.
Jordan, N. Maria Washington D.C.
Lee Bruce, Golda Kezia Washington D.C.
Luo,Yongcan Washington D.C.
Maraviglia, Adriana R Washington D.C.
Miller, Sharon Washington D.C.
Pardo Pajuelo, Francisco Washington D.C.
Payne, Dana R Washington D.C.
Rivas, Ivania M. Washington D.C.
Rodezno, Elizabeth R. Washington D.C.
Ruiz Flaquer,Rebeca del Carmen Washington D.C.
Saavedra, Jose Jorge Washington D.C.
Schmid, Juan Pedro Washington D.C.
Schwartz Rosenthal, Moises Washington D.C.
von Horoch, Jorge Luis Washington D.C.
Zegarra Diaz, Maria Alejandra Washington D.C.


Name Office in
Baxter, Sasha Alexis Kingston
Blair, Sudaney Kingston
Bogle, Monique Toni-Ann Kingston
Bonner, Vanessa Venecha Kingston
Bu, Fan Kingston
Christie,Jason Craig Kingston
Coley-Graham, Terry-Ann Nadine Kingston
Crossley, Shawn Barrington Kingston
Edmondson-Nelson, Charmaine Kingston
Foster, Alison Shelley Kingston
Harris nee Mair, Shelly-Ann Kingston
Hibbert,Chevelle Shantol Kamalla Kingston
Hylton, Dwight Kingston
Johnson, Jovan Kingston
Kamau, Musheer Olatunji Kingston
Leith, Elroy Ruel Kingston
Less, Dorothea Patricia Kingston
Martin, D Andra Ann Kingston
Mooney, Henry Kingston
Ruddock , Sheries Alethea Kingston
Samuels, Rochelle Kaye Kingston


Name Office in
Bethel, Natalie Ariel Nassau
Carey, Inga Kenris Nassau
Carrera Marquis, Daniela Nassau
Carroll, Sharell Nassau
Carter, Mikia Elizabeth C. Nassau
Knowles, Monique Danielle Nassau
Moss, Gevon Nassau
Nelson, Michael Reginald Nassau
Roberts, Syreta Nassau
Russell, Latrell Dencil Nassau
Sterling, Linda Nassau
Wright, Allan Silveria Nassau


Name Office in
Bollers, Elton Horace Georgetown
Bonnett, Kevin Rawle Georgetown
Canterbury, Karen Allison Georgetown
Chase, Daniella Georgetown
Gauto, Victor Georgetown
George, Alicia Devina Georgetown
Holder, Peter Abraham Georgetown
Liddell, Clevern Anneliese Georgetown
Lowe-Ramsingh, Ramona Georgetown
Makonnen, Sophie Georgetown
Mentis, Alan Wilfred Mortimer Georgetown
Persaud, Katryn Georgetown
Ragubir, Ramdeholl Georgetown
Ramjag, Leticia A Georgetown
Roberts, Sheron Ann Georgetown
Williams, Derise Avione Georgetown
Yarde, Ava J Georgetown


Name Office in
Chotelal, Shreshta Paramaribo
Dalger, Ewald Ruben Paramaribo
Falconi, Cesar A. Paramaribo
Gangadin, Raijant Amarnath Paramaribo
Gobardhan, Deborah Sathrupa Grace Paramaribo
Harpert, Vernon Lucien Paramaribo
Hoepel, Lucas A Paramaribo
Hofwijks, Steven Romeo Paramaribo
Khadan, Jeetendra Paramaribo
Maaijen, Samantha Dayenne Manora Paramaribo
Muntslag, Charissa Angela Mavis Paramaribo
NATASJAD Paramaribo
Raymann, Carlos Paramaribo
Semmoh, Nadischia Deborah Paramaribo
Wip, Shannon Paramaribo