Integration and Trade Sector



Antoni Estevadeordal

Manager of the Integration and Trade Sector

The Integration and Trade Sector (INT) advises management on trade and regional development issues, as well as overall Bank strategies and programs in these areas. It is also responsible for policy-relevant research on regional and global economic integration issues and trends, as well as specialized technical sector support to trade and integration-related operations and activities.

INT collaborates with other sectors, the office of the vice presidency for countries (VPC), and the office of the vice president for private sector and non-sovereign guaranteed operations (VPP) in the design and execution of multi-sector operations related to integration and trade issues. It also provides technical input on trade and integration in the preparation of country and regional strategies.

The sector also leads the design and execution of national and regional operations directly related to integration and trade issues, including trade facilitation and market access, trade development and foreign investment promotion, trade-capacity building and institutional strengthening, regional and multilateral integration initiatives and regional and global cross-border policy cooperation.

INT also provides technical coordination of specialized initiatives and funds to support integration and trade programs; produces and disseminates innovative research on trade, regional and global integration issues complementing the Bank’s research agenda, in coordination with the research department; and maintains a network of institutions in the region in the trade and integration sector.


Name Office in
Beliz, Gustavo Osvaldo (Chief INTAL) Buenos Aires
Abeledo, Ximena Buenos Aires
Acquaotta, Melina Buenos Aires
Alzualde, Maria Paula Buenos Aires
Basco, Ana Ines Buenos Aires
Benitez, Andrea Veronica Buenos Aires
Chelala, Santiago Martin Buenos Aires
Codoni, Maria Soledad Buenos Aires
Conte Grand, Ramiro Ignacio Buenos Aires
De Angelis, Jesica Yamila Buenos Aires
De Azevedo, Belisario Buenos Aires
de Oliveira, Mauro Damian Buenos Aires
Estevez, Ignacio Manuel Buenos Aires
Fernandez Moujan, Maria J. Buenos Aires
Freytag, Maria Veronica Buenos Aires
Grondona, Pedro Tomas Buenos Aires
Mansilla Derqui, Ignacio Buenos Aires
Mazzella, Federico Guillermo Buenos Aires
Pernas, Mariana Buenos Aires
Piasentini, Eugenia Susana Buenos Aires
Radl, Alejandra Buenos Aires
Ramos Martinez, Alejandro Buenos Aires
Skronski, Matias Santiago Buenos Aires
Spadavecchia, Marcela Edith Buenos Aires
Toscani, Veronica Lucia Buenos Aires
Vazano, Pablo Adrian Buenos Aires
Yebra Diez, Maria Jimena Buenos Aires


Name Office in
Opertti, Fabrizio (DIV CHIEF TRADE & INVESTMENT) Washington D.C.
Alfaro Zuniga, Cinthya Graciela San José
Arias Urones, Ana Washington D.C.
Beitler, Ady Buenos Aires
Contreras Huerta, Rodrigo Andres Washington D.C.
Corcuera-Santamaria, Sandra Washington D.C.
Dugas, Fabrice Ghisler Port-au-Prince
Elias Junior, James Washington D.C.
Esteves, Yasmin Washington D.C.
Estrazulas de Souza, Francisco Hugo Washington D.C.
Etchegaray de la Cerda, Juan Pablo Washington D.C.
Fernandez de Soto, Camilo Washington D.C.
Ferrari, Santiago Alejandro Washington D.C.
Funes, Gerardo A Washington D.C.
Garcia Cure, Catalina Washington D.C.
Garrido Rodriguez, Esperanza Idalid Washington D.C.
Gomez Decker, Federica Montevideo
Granados, Jaime San José
Grillo, Catalina Maria Washington D.C.
Imana, Zaida Victoria Washington D.C.
Jimenez Orjuela, July Emperatriz Washington D.C.
Larsson, Mikael Santiago
Libby Hernandez, Margarita Guatemala
Lucenti, Krista Port of Spain
Martinez Martin, Carlos Javier Guatemala
Medina Mejia, Luis Carlos Lima
Mejia Rivas, Isabel Washington D.C.
Moreno Gonzalez, Samuel Gustavo Washington D.C.
Piereck, Guilherme C. Washington D.C.
Rospide, Maria De La Paz Washington D.C.
Sarria Orti, Agustin San Salvador
Steneri, Pablo Washington D.C.
Umana, Mario Alberto Washington D.C.
Villota, Alejandra Bogotá
Yoo, Seongjun Washington D.C.
Zhang, Ge Washington D.C.


Name Office in
Estevadeordal, Antoni (Sector Manager) Washington D.C.
Amat y Leon Secada, Mariana Washington D.C.
An, Kyungjo Washington D.C.
Baca Storni, Mariano Washington D.C.
Badilla Arroyo, Silvia Washington D.C.
Barbieri Kennedy, Paulo Sante Washington D.C.
Blyde, Juan S. Washington D.C.
Colmenares Amaya, Marcela Janet Washington D.C.
De Lara, Jesus Washington D.C.
Delvasto Otalora, Nicolas Washington D.C.
Detchou, Yannick Nanjib Washington D.C.
Ding, Li Washington D.C.
Faggioni Suarez, Valeria Veronica Washington D.C.
Flor, Graziela Washington D.C.
Garcia Nores, Luciana Victoria Washington D.C.
Giordano, Paolo Washington D.C.
Gomez Gonzalez, Maria Margarita Washington D.C.
Gonzalez Paez, Lina Maria Washington D.C.
Harris, Jeremy Tyler Washington D.C.
Holguin Madrinan, Alejandra Washington D.C.
Li, Kun Washington D.C.
Lorono Oyanguren, Jon Washington D.C.
Maday, Monica Washington D.C.
Mendonca, Branca Washington D.C.
Merchan, Federico Alberto Washington D.C.
Moreira, Mauricio Mesquita Washington D.C.
Munguia Vega, Mariela Washington D.C.
Muszkat, Brian Washington D.C.
Ortiz Cabra, Bladimir Washington D.C.
Ortiz de Mendivil Ribierre, Cloe Washington D.C.
Pierola, Martha Denisse Washington D.C.
Plazas Montana, Maria del Rosario Washington D.C.
Ramos, Barbara Oliveira Washington D.C.
Rodriguez Chatruc, Marisol Washington D.C.
Salamanca Malagon, Carlos Arturo Washington D.C.
Salas, Rodrigo Washington D.C.
Sanchez Navarro, Dennis Washington D.C.
Shearer, Matthew Stone Washington D.C.
Skinner, Martha Washington D.C.
Sobral de Elia, Mariana Washington D.C.
Tres Viladomat, Joaquin Washington D.C.
Valderrama-Celaya, Claudia Washington D.C.
Viegas Lee, Camila Washington D.C.
Vodusek, Ziga Washington D.C.
Volpe, Christian Washington D.C.