IDB Conflict Resolution System for Employees

IDB Group employees have multiple resources to resolve conflicts.

  • The Bank's Office of Ethics supports and guides employees and IDB management on the proper application of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. In addition, the Office conducts staff ethics training sessions.
  • The IDB’s Human Resources Department Department has an important role in the prevention and resolution of work-related issues and grievances. Given that conflict is an inherent part of human interaction, the advice and intervention by the Human Resources Department on labor relations seek to anticipate conflicts at the earliest stage, as well as intercede to resolve them once they are brought to the Department’s attention through, amongst others, participation in the informal and formal conflict resolution mechanisms within the institution.
  • Staff and consultants of the IDB can resort to the Office of Ombuds and Mediation Services, an independent, confidential and impartial resource to help address work-related issues. This office supplements the Bank’s regular channels for workplace issues by providing informal venue to resolve concerns, problems, or conflicts in a fair and equitable way. The Office of Ombuds and Mediation Services also monitors trends that arise out of casework to contribute to the early detection of issues of potential significance at the institutional level.
  • Mediation is an additional tool to help resolve labor-related conflicts at the Bank. The Office of Ombuds and Mediation Services guides and advise those involved in conflict in all matters related to Mediation and related processes. Mediation is a confidential conflict resolution mechanism in which an impartial third party helps two or more participants better understand their issues, interests and needs and empowers them to bridge their differences through a voluntary agreement.

The Bank's Administrative Tribunal is the final instance that settles disputes which arise out of the employment relationship of the Bank or the Corporation.