Our priorities and areas of action

The Update to the Institutional Strategy 2016-2019 (UIS) approved by the Governors in March 2015, addresses emerging challenges in the Region and,thus, establishes what the organization should focus on over the next four years. The UIS identifies three main development challenges:

  • Social exclusion and inequality
  • Low productivity and innovation
  • Lack of regional economic integration

The UIS also identifies three cross-cutting issues that need to be considered when addressing each of the three development challenges mentioned above:

  • Gender equality and diversity
  • Climate change and environmental sustainability
  • Institutional capacity and the rule of law

In addition, the UIS presents a list of six principles underlying the Bank's work with the region. These principles are:

  • Responsiveness
  • Multi-sectorality
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Leverage and partnerships
  • Innovation and knowledge
  • Strategic alignment

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