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BA-L1015 : Water and Sanitation Systems Upgrade

Project Description: The goal of the Project is to improve water resources management in Barbados and sustainable water and wastewater service provision by the Barbados Water Authority (BWA). Specifically, the Project will support the GOB's efforts to modernize the institutional setting of the water and sanitation sector; improve water production infrastructure and the efficiency of the operations of the BWA by reducing unaccounted-for-water and implementing adequate cost recovery mechanism. The Project will also prepare a wastewater treatment action plan.
Status: Implementation

Basic Information

Project Number: BA-L1015
Operation Number: 2255/OC-BA
Country: Barbados
Project Type: Loan Operation
Project Subtype: Specific Investment Operation
Approval Date: DEC 2, 2009
Signing Date: MAR 21, 2010

Financial Information

Total Cost - Historic: USD 53,000,000
Country Counterpart Financing - Historic: USD 3,000,000

IDB Financing

Financing Type: Single Currency Facility
Fund: Ordinary Capital
Reporting currency: USD - United States Dollar
Reporting Date: NOV 30, 2014
Approved Amount - Historic: USD 50,000,000
Cancelled Amount - Historic: USD 6,800,000
Undisbursed Amount - Historic: USD 25,374,418
Disbursed to Date - Revalued: USD 17,825,582
Repayments - Revalued: USD 0
Principal Debt Relief Amount - Revalued: USD 0
Amount Outstanding - Revalued: USD 17,825,582
Income Collected - Revalued: USD 666,219

Roles & Responsibilities

Borrower: Barbados
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