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Titulo del documento TIPO Proyectos Fecha
Tocoma Hydroelectric Power Plant Project Outline VE-L1003 11-feb-2004
Caroní River Watershed Management Plan; Tacoma Hydroelectric Project Project Concept Document VE-L1003;VE-L1006 01-jun-2004
Electricidad de Caracas Investment Program Environmental & Social Strategies VE-L1004 01-jun-2004
Overcoming Technical Barriers to Trade through Strengthened Accreditation Systems Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-7309-RG;TC0008022 19-dic-2000
Support for the Creation and Development of Financial Intelligence Units in South America Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-7884-RG;TC0202002 29-may-2002
Electricidad de Caracas Investment Program Project Abstract VE-L1004 01-jun-2004
Agricultural Technology Program Loan Proposal 1359/OC-VE;VE0125 09-oct-2001
Emergency Program for Torrential Rains, Flooding and Landslides Loan Proposal 1239/OC-VE;VE0122 22-feb-2000
Support for Rural and Small-Town Water Supply Sytems Loan Proposal 1445/OC-VE;VE0140 01-dic-2002
Quality and Environmental Management Systems and Food Safety Implementation in Small and Medium Enterprises in Venezuela Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-7704-VE;TC0008025 20-nov-2001
Support for Reform of the Criminal Justice System Loan Proposal 1362/OC-VE;VE0057 23-oct-2001
Strengthening of Rural Communities Loan Proposal 1292/OC-VE;VE0126 30-nov-2000
Integrated Services Program for Citizen Entrepreneurs (SIACE) in the State of Zulia Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-8030-VE;TC9912003 01-sep-2002
Early Childhood and Adolescence Support Program Loan Proposal 1302/OC-VE;VE0120 28-nov-2000
Program for Modernization of Customs and Tax Administration Loan Proposal 1650/OC-VE;VE-L1001 03-ago-2005

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