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Titulo del documento TIPO Proyectos Fecha
Program to Support Organizations for the Elderly Plan of Operations ATN/JF-7779-RS;TC0011019 18-ene-2002
Program to Combat Desertification in South America Plan of Operations ATN/JF-7905-RG;TC0101072 01-jun-2002
Development of a Sustainable Public Transportation System in Chiclayo Technical Cooperation Profile TC0201019 25-may-2004
Rural Financial Market Development Project Outline PE0250 17-mar-2004
Design and Implementation of a Work Force Adjustment Program for Public Sector Employees Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-5335-PE;TC9605265 24-jul-1996
Metallurgical and Mining Environmental Control for the Mantaro Valley Plan of Operations ATN/CP-4885-PE;TC9401118 20-abr-1995
Competitiveness and Technology Program Project Outline TT0056 17-oct-2003
Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility Donors Memorandum ATN/ME-8381-RG;TC0211011 01-ago-2003
Strengthening of Environmental Institutions in Perú Plan of Operations ATN/JF-5123-PE;TC9304445 18-dic-1995
Support for the Creation and Development of Financial Intelligence Units in South America Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-7884-RG;TC0202002 29-may-2002
Strengthening of Superintendencia Nacional Plan of Operations ATN/JF-4703-PE;TC9409188 09-nov-1994
Supporting the "Citizen Participation Program" and Capital Market Development Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-4909-PE;TC9405243 01-may-1995
Social Development Program to Assist Low-Income Groups Donors Memorandum ATN/TF-4344-PE;TC9302473 06-oct-1993
Srengthening of the Ministry of Economy and Finance Donors Memorandum ATN/JF-4540-PE;TC9310210 25-may-1994
Modernization of Training in the Fishery Sector Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-5172-PE;TC9505043 27-feb-1996

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