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Titulo del documento TIPO Proyectos Fecha
Plan Puebla-Panama Guatemala-Mexico Electricity Interconnection Project Loan Proposal 1470/OC-GU;GU0171 06-ago-2003
Social Indicators for the Monitoring of Poverty Alleviation Project Outline ME0236 26-nov-2001
Health and Social Security for Government Workers Project Outline ME0245 13-ago-2002
Multiphase Program for Investment and Financial and Institutional Strengthening of States and Municipios, Phase 1 Loan Proposal 1383/OC-ME;ME0231 27-nov-2001
Pilot Program for Institutional Development in the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Loan Proposal 1540/OC-ME;ME0253 12-abr-2004
Capitalizacion of Remittances for Local Economic Development Donors Memorandum ATN/ME-7717-ME 01-dic-2001
Termoeléctrica del Golfo Project Environmental & Social Management Reports 1223A/OC-ME;1223B/OC-ME;ME0218 01-oct-1999
System for Demand and Supply of Training Services for Mesoamerica (SIDCAM) Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-7952-RG;TC0110014 01-jun-2002
Energía Mayakan Gas Pipeline, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico Environmental & Social Management Reports 1043A/OC-ME;1043B/OC-ME 01-sep-1997
Food and Agricultural Sector Restructuring Program Loan Proposal 960/OC-ME;ME0185 01-oct-1996
Hipotecaria Nacional - Credit Guarantee for Mortgage-Backed Security Project Abstract 1555/OC-ME;ME-L1003 16-jun-2004
Monterrey III Power Project Project Abstract 1262A/OC-ME;1262B/OC-ME;ME0229 09-ago-2000
Support for Small Farmers through Procampo Loan Proposal 1334/OC-ME;ME0213 01-ago-2001
Contractual Savings Development Program Loan Proposal 963/OC-ME;ME0197 30-oct-1996
Infrastructure Program for Tourism Development Areas Loan Proposal 781/OC-ME;ME0127 10-nov-1993

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