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Titulo del documento TIPO Proyectos Fecha
Post-Secondary Education Program (Post-Ed) Project Outline JA0125 04-feb-2003
Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) Development Program Project Outline JA0121 01-mar-2003
Youth Development Program Project Outline JA0119 12-jun-2002
Strenthening the Jamaica Fair Trading Commission Project Abstract JA-M1002 21-nov-2003
Jamaica Social Safety Net Reform Loan Proposal 1355/OC-JA;ATN/SF-7609-JA;JA0115;TC0107021 01-oct-2001
Financial Sector Reform Program Loan Proposal 1268/OC-JA;JA0049 05-sep-2000
National Irrigation Development Program (NIDP) Loan Proposal 1562/OC-JA;JA0106 30-jun-2004
South Coast Sustainable Development Program Project Concept Document JA0112 18-abr-2002
Agricultural Support Services Loan Proposal 1283/OC-JA;JA0111 07-nov-2000
Kingston Water and Sanitation Project Loan Proposal 1559/OC-JA;JA0114 23-jun-2004
Strengthening the Jamaica Fair Trading Commission Technical Cooperation Agreement ATN/MT-9003-JA;JA-M1002 17-mar-2005
Strengthening the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Community Plan of Operations ATN/SF-8221-JA;TC9710220 13-feb-2003
Emergency Reconstruction Following Torrential Rains Loan Proposal 1419/OC-JA 01-ago-2002
Citizen Security and Justice Program Loan Proposal 1344/OC-JA;JA0105 31-jul-2001
Rural Water Program Loan Proposal 1360/OC-JA;JA0113 16-oct-2001

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