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Titulo del documento TIPO Proyectos Fecha
Procurement Plan Procurement Plan 1107/SF-GY 08-dic-2003
Procurement Plan Procurement Plan 1487/SF-GY 16-mar-2004
Procurement Plan Procurement Plan 1044/SF-GY 01-ene-2004
Procurement Plan - First Semester - 2004 Procurement Plan 1107/SF-GY 31-mar-2004
Procurement Plan Procurement Plan 1042/SF-GY-2 26-ene-2003
Information and Communications Technology Project Concept Document GY0066 09-oct-2002
Strengthening Electricity Sector Regulation in Support of Private Investment. Technical Cooperation Agreement ATN/MT-8193-GY;TC0011035 28-sep-2004
Georgetown Solid Waste Management Program Project Concept Document GY0055 01-oct-2003
Trans World Telecom Guyana Limited Project Abstract GY-L1002 16-dic-2003
Public Management Modernization Program (PMMP) Project Outline GY0073 18-jun-2004
Fiscal and Financial Management Program Loan Proposal 1550/SF-GY;1551/SF-GY;GY0053 09-jun-2004
Rural Transportation Program Project Outline GY0074 09-sep-2004
Institutional Development Sector Facility Public Management Modernization Program (PMMP) Loan Contract 1604/SF-GY;GY0073 17-jun-2005
Moleson Creek - New Amsterdam Road Loan Proposal 1551/SF-GY;1554/SF-GY;GY0053;GY0076 16-jun-2004
Strengthening the Public Sector Investment Management System Plan of Operations ATN/SF-8199-GY;TC0201045 01-ene-2003

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