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Titulo del documento TIPO Proyectos Fecha
Land Use, Policy and Administration Project (LUPAP) Project Concept Document BH-L1001 18-feb-2004
Education and Training for Competitiveness Project Outline BH-L1003 30-mar-2004
Adolescent Reproductive Health Education Donors Memorandum ATN/JC-6061-BH;TC9705130 30-jun-1998
Strengthening of the Bahamas Co-operative Credit Union System Project Abstract ATN/ME-6212-BH;TC9803273 29-abr-1998
Family Islands Water Project Loan Proposal 1112/OC-BH;BH0025 06-jul-1998
National Geographic Information System Plan of Operations ATN/JC-5747-BH;TC9601081 28-oct-1997
Improvement of Primary and Secondary Education Loan Proposal 848/OC-BH;BH0007 21-nov-1994
Youth Development Program Project Outline BH-L1006 20-abr-2004
Power Expansion Project II Loan Proposal 964/OC-BH;BH0018 15-oct-1996
CRG Project Document Concept Project Concept Document 1589/OC-BH;BH-L1001 26-may-2004
Strengthening of Airport Security Program Technical Cooperation Agreement ATN/MT-9073-BH;TC0205000 08-mar-2005
Land Use, Policy and Administration Project (LUPAP) Loan Proposal 1589/OC-BH;BH-L1001 17-nov-2004
Enabling Expanded Private Investment Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-5979-BH-1;TC9301186 12-may-1998
Program to Support Capital Markets Modernizaction Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-6083-BH;TC9803265 20-jul-1998
New Providence Transport Program Loan Proposal 1320/OC-BH;BH0029 08-may-2001

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