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The following are awarded contracts in sovereign guarantee and technical assistance operations financed by the IDB. This information is published for informative purpose only and includes contracts that were issued and provided by the Executing Agencies responsible for the project execution. These are contracts for goods, works and services of amounts above US$25,000, and contracts for consulting services.
To determine the awarded country the following criteria apply:
  • In the case of firms, the country in which the firm is registered;
  • In the case of individual consultants, the nationality corresponding to the country of citizenship or "bona fide" residence.
RESUMEN POR PAÍS PRESTATARIO Activity/Service Ref Contrato Fecha Contrato
ATN/ME-10680-RG Consultor Adjudicado TABORDA,LUIS
Contract Amount 3,000 Awarded Country, City COLOMBIA, BOGOTA
Tipo de Consultor Individual Fecha conclusión contrato 14/nov/2008
Borrowing Country Total Amount Total% Contracts
REGIONAL 3.000 100,00 1
Total 3.000 100% 1
Awarded_Country Total Amount Total% Contracts
COLOMBIA 3.000 100,00 1
Total 3.000 100% 1

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